S Barber

To be honest the thought of having acupuncture made me apprehensive. Would it work? Would it be unpleasant?
I was diagnosed with RA over 30 years ago. Despite a regime of medications which keep the underlying condition stable, there are times when the pain is not well controlled. One such experience caused me to look elsewhere for an effective pain relief. Someone suggested I tried acupuncture with Rob Brindley, a qualified and experienced Physiotherapist.

After a conversation with Rob about the benefits of acupuncture, and his explanation of how acupuncture works on the pain, I decided to have a couple of sessions with him.

He has a very calming, reassuring and professional manner. He explained the process step by step, and after each session he explained what would happen over the next few days. And to my great relief, the pain abated.

Would I recommend acupuncture? Yes I would.
Would I recommend Rob Brindley? Yes without any hesitation.

S BarberĀ